Dennis Moreland Performance Rein with Training Fork


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Dennis Moreland’s Performance Rein is made of 5/8 inch solid braid nylon rope. Leather rein stops on each end prevent the rings of the training fork from becoming hooked on either the rein ends or the shanks of your bit. There are 3/4 inch leather rein ends (water loops) securely attached to both ends of this continuous rein.

The adjustable training fork is made of tan 1/4 inch solid braid nylon rope with two 1 1/2 inch stainless steel rings tied to the ends for the rein to run through. A stainless steel snap attaches it to the cinch.

The continuous rein lets you train with close contact to the bit and with either one or both hands on the rein. The training fork will apply pressure to the rein and bit anytime the horse’s head rises above the desired headset position. You simply adjust the length of the cord that connects to the cinch to place the training fork rings in the correct position for each horse you’re riding.

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