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Family | Al Dunning With His Granddaughter | Al Dunning

Al Dunning and his beloved wife, Becky, have been a testament to enduring love and partnership since their marriage in 1971. Over the decades, their bond has only grown stronger, rooted in shared passions and mutual respect. Becky, a renowned figure in the equestrian community, has made a significant impact as a horse show announcer. Her voice has become synonymous with the excitement and elegance of equestrian events. Beyond her announcing career, Becky’s dedication to the equestrian world extends to her philanthropic efforts. She co-founded America’s Horse Cares, a notable division of the AQHA Foundation. This division is particularly close to her heart as it concentrates on supporting therapeutic riding charities, making a profound difference in the lives of many.

The Dunning family is further blessed with two wonderful children, who have grown into remarkable individuals, carrying forward the family’s legacy of passion and commitment. Their son, Grady Dunning, has inherited his parents’ love for the equestrian lifestyle, while their daughter, McKenzie Parkinson, married to Shadd Parkinson, has also embraced the family’s equestrian tradition. McKenzie and Shadd’s union has further enriched the Dunning family with two delightful granddaughters, Gracie and Hadley Parkinson. These young girls have brought immense joy and a new dimension of love to Al and Becky’s lives.

The Dunning family, with each member contributing their unique strengths and passions, stands as a shining example of unity, love, and dedication to both family and the broader equestrian community. Their story is not just about individual achievements but is a testament to the power of family bonds, shared dreams, and the enduring legacy they are creating together.

Family | Al Dunning With His Granddaughter | Al Dunning

Al and his wife Becky have been married since 1971. Becky is a well-known horse show announcer, and co-founded America’s Horse Cares, a division of the AQHA foundation which focuses on therapeutic riding charities. The Dunning’s have two children, son Grady Dunning and daughter McKenzie Parkinson (son-in-law Shadd Parkinson), and two Granddaughters, Gracie and Hadley Parkinson.