Rynde Thurston

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Rynde Thurston

Accredited Trainer

“Team AD is Genius! Not only have acquired the tools and skills to build a strong foundation, I also have the continued support of an amazing group of people that are willing to help me achieve my dreams.” -Rynde Thurston

Rynde Thurston of Smithfield, Utah was the first person to complete our Team AD Accreditation Program-quite an accomplishment! Rynde has ridden horses for over fifteen years, and has been showing in reined cowhorse events for the last four. Wife to husband Todd and mother to two boys, Hayden and Oliver, it had to be challenging to set aside the time

to ride and work on the Team AD Skill Assessments. But Rynde set a goal for herself and was diligent about sending in her videos. She quickly moved through all three stages of assessments and then came to the ranch for her mini-apprenticeship. Since then, she has returned to the ranch to ride, and continues to send in videos for coaching. The Team AD Accreditation Program has given her the foundation and skills she needs as well as a life-long support system to help her reach her goals. One of those goals is to excel in the show pen. Remember her name-you’re sure to hear it soon being called to the winner’s circle! Congratulations Rynde-we look forward to celebrating your successes with you!