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Preston Williams Magic Bit with Cricket

The Magic Bit is a favorite among performance horse trainers! Preston Williams Magic Bit with Slobber Bars is NRCHA Legal. Preston Williams bits are all handmade in America wih the finest craftmanship. The cold steel used in the mouth piece is the most palatable steel for horses.


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Introducing the unparalleled Original Preston Williams Magic Bit, a masterpiece of equine engineering, designed exclusively for AD Tack. Crafted with utmost precision and utilizing cutting-edge technology, this bit transcends ordinary equestrian gear to deliver an extraordinary experience for both horse and rider.

One of the key features that sets the Magic Bit apart from its counterparts is its innovative roller design. These carefully engineered rollers not only facilitate smooth movement, but they also offer an additional benefit that goes beyond mere functionality. Infused with the finest copper, these rollers stimulate the horse’s salivation process, promoting optimal oral health and enhancing their overall comfort. As the horse engages with the Magic Bit, the copper properties work harmoniously to encourage a natural flow of saliva, aiding the horse in holding the bit and properly maneuvering it within the pallet. This promotes a balanced and harmonious connection between the horse and the bit, ensuring an exceptional riding experience like no other.

Moreover, the Magic Bit boasts a remarkable feature that horse enthusiasts rave about—the Slobber Bar. This ingenious addition to the design further enhances the horse’s responsiveness and encourages them to become lighter and softer through the bit. By providing a gentle reminder and subtle guidance, the Slobber Bar gently nudges the horse towards achieving the desired level of lightness, allowing for more precise communication and refined movements. This groundbreaking innovation fosters a deeper connection between horse and rider, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation that is truly remarkable.

When it comes to competitions and exhibitions, the PW Magic Bit with its Slobber Bar exceeds expectations. It has been meticulously crafted to meet the strict regulations set by the prestigious National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA). As a testament to its exceptional quality and adherence to industry standards, this remarkable piece of equestrian equipment is proudly approved for use in NRCHA shows. With the Magic Bit, you can confidently showcase your horse’s skills and abilities, knowing that you are equipped with a bit that not only enhances performance but also complies with the highest level of competitive standards.

Invest in the Original Preston Williams Magic Bit, a testament to uncompromising quality, technological superiority, and unmatched horse welfare. Elevate your riding experience and forge a bond with your equine partner like never before. Discover the magic of the Magic Bit and unlock a world of possibilities for you and your horse.


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