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Beginning to Winning Complete Set (Digital Version)

Al Dunning has developed AD Tack, a collection of some of the finest quality saddles, bridles, bits, leg protection, show and training equipment available.


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The Beginning to Winning Complete Set includes access to digital downloads of all 4 videos.

Volume 1: Focus On Circles is a comprehensive DVD that provides valuable insights into achieving winning circles in reining. Presented by Al Dunning and Shadd Parkinson, this instructional video offers a step-by-step guide on mastering successful circles. From proper lead departures to speed rating, this DVD covers all the essential techniques needed to excel in reining.

Volume 2: Focus On Lead Changes is a comprehensive guide that simplifies the process of lead changes. Developed by Al and Shadd, this instructional resource provides tried and tested methods to achieve effortless lead changes. Through detailed explanations and step-by-step demonstrations, they guide you through the process and address any potential issues that may arise.

Volume 3: Focus On Turnarounds is a comprehensive training resource created by Al and Shadd Parkinson. This instructional DVD provides valuable insights and techniques for mastering proper turnarounds in the sport of reining. The DVD covers essential topics, including speed control, balance, introducing the outside rein, and footwork. Which are all crucial for executing successful turnarounds.

Volume 4: Focus On Stops is a comprehensive instructional product designed to help riders improve their stopping skills in the sport of reining. This DVD features demonstrations and drills by renowned trainers Al and Shadd Parkinson, who emphasize the importance of correct motion, proper equitation, and effective communication with the horse using the command “whoa”.

  • Purchase the Complete Set (Vol I, II, III, IV) for $140.00 and save $20.00.


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