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Comfort-Fit SMx H.D. Air Ride Western Pad – Quest

With over 40 year of industry experience, Al Dunning has carefully curated a collection of high quality, functional tack and equipment. He is proud to present AD Tack.


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The Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad is my go-to saddle pad for everything from exercising to training to showing. It features patented Air-Ride technology and a seamless hand woven Navajo top. This pad is built with a distinct contoured channel along the spine and independent pieces of energy absorbing Air-Ride material on either side. This design evenly distributes pressure, allows the horse to move with complete freedom and keeps the saddle firmly in place. The Air Ride core is made of a unique material found in the protective gear of professional human athletes for absorbing shock while allowing air flow to the skin, creating a natural cooling system that lowers the horses body temperature and slows the rate of fatigue. The soft merino wool lining wicks away moisture.

These pads are 33” x 38” with a 1/2” core.

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 33 × 19 × 4 in
Color: Black/Crimson, Black/Tan, Chocolate/Tan


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