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CowTrac Bump Technology

Al Dunning has developed AD Tack, a collection of some of the finest quality saddles, bridles, bits, leg protection, show and training equipment available.

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Set System Speeds from your Remote with “BUMP” Technology

Now you can set speeds with a touch of a button on your remote.

Bump Technology eliminates getting off your horse, changing the speed dial(s) on the system and remounting. Working with a young horse? BUMP the speed down with the “-” button. Want to speed it up for an experienced horse? BUMP it up with the “+” button. Easily set slow and fast settings across full range.

Ultima and Elite systems remember the speeds used when programming.

BUMP can be added to any CowTrac™ system regardless of age.

Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in

2 reviews for CowTrac Bump Technology

  1. Victor Williams

    I bought the first remote years ago, works great! I just wish these were in stock so I could snag another one so I could have a spare.

  2. Jacob Butler

    As a professional rodeo enthusiast, I recently invested in the CowTrac Bump Technology, and it has transformed my training sessions. This innovative device’s intelligent design and precise motion simulation provide an unmatched rodeo experience. With enhanced responsiveness and lifelike movements, my riding skills have significantly improved. The CowTrac Bump Technology has proven to be a game-changer, enabling me to perfect my techniques and excel in competitions. A must-have for any serious rodeo competitor!

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