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Darnall Loomis Shank with Snaffle Mouth Piece

For nearly a half century, master silversmith and metal working artisan Greg Darnall has shaped the equine world’s view of bits and spurs and how they are best used in the quest for better horsemanship.

While focusing solely on creating custom bits and spurs since 2009, many of Greg’s earliest bits, dating to a time when Richard Nixon was President, are still in service today, along with a long line of hardware created by bit makers who were inspired by Greg’s innovative designs.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Greg re-entered the mainstream market in 2017, led by the introduction of a new line of bits. produced in his GD Shop in Guadalajara, Mexico.


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SKU: L002
Category: Bits, New Products

L002 is made from cold rolled steel with hand inlayed copper bars. Shank length is 8″, Mouthpiece width is 5″, and the diameter of the bars is 1/2″.  Adding a Shank Hobble to the Rein Rings can add a stepping block to your training program by adding a stability or stiffness to the feel.     All measurements are approximate, slight variations can occur with handmade bits.


Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 8 × 4 × 1 in


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