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Skills Assessment Program – Stage Two

With over 50 year of industry experience, Al Dunning has carefully curated a collection of high quality, functional tack and equipment. He is proud to present AD Tack.


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Stage Two of the Skills Assessment Program aims to elevate your horse’s training by introducing more challenging tasks. This stage is suitable for horses that have already mastered the basics in Stage One. As you advance through Stage Two of the Skills Assessment Program, your horse will develop and master new skills, thus preparing them for further training and growth.

  • Our program consists of 53 total instructional videos divided into three stages, each essential for proper horse training. Participants must record themselves performing tasks from the videos and submit the recordings for evaluation. Feedback from Al, will determine if you pass or need to redo and resubmit. Rewards are given upon completion of each stage.

There are two ways to engage with our Skills Assessment program.

  1. You can use it as a challenge and a means to track your progress.
  2. You can utilize it as a pathway to becoming a Team AD Accredited trainer. Whichever way you choose, our program offers valuable insights and guidance for enhancing your horsemanship skills. Email me at Al@aldunning.com for more information.


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