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Advance to the Hackamore (Digital Version)

Al Dunning has developed AD Tack, a collection of some of the finest quality saddles, bridles, bits, leg protection, show and training equipment available.


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Advance to the Hackamore is a comprehensive guide that will enhance your understanding of riding with the hackamore. With the help of Al Dunning, you will learn techniques on choosing a hackamore,  and utilizing it for training. Regardless of level, this video will provide you with insightful tips to improve your riding skills.

In this instructional video, Al showcases his expertise in seamlessly transitioning from the snaffle to the bit using the hackamore. By following his demonstrations, you will gain valuable insights about riding in the hackamore. This video is designed to cater to riders of all levels, offering practical advice and techniques to enhance your riding experience.

The Advance to the Hackamore is a must-have for riders looking to expand their knowledge and skills in using the hackamore. With Al’s guidance, you will learn the proper techniques for selecting, tying, and utilizing the hackamore for advanced maneuvers. This product is a valuable resource for riders seeking to improve their riding abilities and achieve a harmonious connection with their horse.

  • Includes 10 Digital Downloads


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